This Programme Report on the impact of the borders closures on people on the move, with a focus on Women and Children in Serbia and Macedonia, provides an analysis of the protection concerns that people on the move, especially women and children, face in Macedonia and Serbia following the closure of the Balkan route and presents recommendations on how to protect and promote their safety, dignity and human rights.

This report was conducted by Oxfam and its partners: the Belgrade Centre for Human Rights (BCHR) and Atina in Serbia, and the Macedonian Young Lawyer Association (MYLA) and Open Gate/La Strada in Macedonia. It is based on background research, information gathered by Oxfam partners in the course of their field work, interviews with women and focus group discussions, and meetings with NGO and civil society representatives.The report has been funded by UN Women as part of the project“Migrants and Refugee Crisis in the Western Balkan Countries”implemented by Oxfam and its partners.

This publication can be downloaded here