Youth are an important focus of the Belgrade Centre for Human Rights. Apart from providing them with legal aid and advice, we are trying to facilitate their inclusion in the community by connecting them with their local peers.

In executive partnership with the UNHCR Office in Belgrade, the BCHR has been implementing activities within the Support to Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Serbia project targeting refugee and asylum-seeking and local youth to foster the development of all the potentials of all young people. These activities include:

–          Educational and Creative Workshops: Workshops on interculturality for mixed groups of local and refugee and asylum-seeking youth.

–          Buddy System: System of support to refugee and asylum-seeking youth by their local peers, encouraging support and exchange through joint activities and friendships.

We are trying to inform refugee and youth asylum seekers of things they may find useful. Here, you can find information about all activities for youth we are implementing, various informal learning opportunities, cultural events in the city and a lot of other information you may need.

The information is provided by BCHR in cooperation with other civil society organisations.

Haiku for Solidarity is inspired by togetherness, and it is the result of the imagination and creativity of youth from the CoolTour Tube program.

On Wednesday, 23.06. young participants of the CoolTour Tube program have run the intercultural workshop for local youth. Young people had the opportunity to learn more about interculturality, prejudices, and diversity, and Mina and Karox transferred the knowledge that they had acquired. Participants also wrote haiku poetry on the topic of solidarity and togetherness, which […]

New intercultural workshop part of the CoolTour Tube program

28.06.2021. Last week, young people, who are part of the CoolTour Tube program – Mina and Karox, had an opportunity to run an intercultural workshop for local youth. Participants learned more about interculturality, prejudices, and diversity, while Mina and Karox were given a space to share the knowledge that they have acquired. Besides that, young people […]

Second workshop of our CoolTour Tube

27.04.2021. How important is that everyone in society have the same opportunities? How can we build that kind of society? During the weekend, on 24.04. we had second workshop of our CoolTour Tube program. We opened these and many other questions. The next workshop is coming soon, and afterward, the follow-up actions of our participants […]

The first „CoolTour Tube”

16.04.2021. The first „CoolTour Tube” workshop was implemented on 08.04. and 09.04. and it was amazing! Local youth and young refugees and asylum-seekers participated in the workshop. The aim was to get to know each other, to dive deeper into our identities, and to learn more about interculturality! Many other activities and interesting discussions are yet […]