21.4.2021. Today’s world has become a place of conflict and persecution, creating a large number of refugees who seek peace, the opportunity to work, to continue their education, have a safe childhood, gather the family together and friends.

Many refugees in search of a peaceful life fleeing conflict or persecution see our country as a place where they can start life anew. The successful process of their integration is consisting of: achieving a dignified life, adjusting to cultural norms and the local community, but also a significant contribution that refugees can make to the development of society with their previous experience, knowledge and talents. In this process, they need the help of all of us!

Public discourse in Serbia, including television with a national frequency, is full of false news and inappropriate content on most social and political issues. Manipulation of facts, especially numbers when the topic of refugees in this regard is also present, especially on the Internet, and contributes to the spread of hate speech and fear among the citizens of Serbia.

The Belgrade Centre for Human Rights is launching an online campaign #MiLjudiZajednoMožemoViše to highlight the importance refugee’s integration into Serbian society and the mutual benefits that both society and its new members have from this process. In addition, we want to point out the importance of social cohesion, multiculturalism and contribute to reducing the gap between communities in order to create a tolerant society where everyone has a chance for a dignified life.

Once again, we want to point out the importance of transparent migration policy, which would make citizen information on this issue accessible and clearly presented.

You can follow the campaign #MiLjudiZajednoMožemoViše on our accounts on social networks, on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.