Belgrade Youth Cooperative Discriminated against Refugee

25.11.2022.In response to a complaint filed by the Belgrade Centre of Human Rights, the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality issued an opinion finding the Belgrade-based Youth Cooperative Bulevar in violation of Article 8 in conjunction with Article 16 of the Serbian Anti-Discrimination Act, because it refused to accept as its member a minor granted […]

Second Session of Series on Higher Education of Refugees in Serbia Held

17 October 2022. The Belgrade Centre for Human Rights integration team on 13 October 2022 organised the second session of the series on the higher education of refugees in Serbia within the Refugees for Refugees activity. The session was opened and moderated by BCHR’s Integration Adviser Nina Miholjčić, who highlighted the importance of higher education […]

From A to Z – Guide to Refugee Education in Serbia

27.09.2022. School days are the best days of our lives. Whether or not we agree with this saying, most people in the world attend school. Although education is often taken for granted, a lot of people have trouble accessing this fundamental human right. Estimates are that nearly a half (48%)[1] of refugee children do not […]

Kathia –Biochemist in the Making

02.09.2022. Kathia first came to Serbia from faraway Burundi in search of refuge in 2019 in the company of her mother. The twenty-three-year-old Burundian knew nothing about the country she had come to, let alone that she would soon adjust to the Serbian way of life, learn the language, start studying biochemistry at a state […]

Right to Asylum in the Republic of Serbia Periodic Report for January–June 2022

16.08.2022. This Report analyses the treatment of the asylum seekers and refugees in Serbia in the first six months of 2022, based on information the BCHR team obtained during their legal representation in the asylum procedure and provision of support in their integration, and during its field work. The Report also comprises data the BCHR […]

Action Plan on Inclusion and Integration 2021-2027

29.07.2022. The European Commission has presented the new EU Action Plan on Inclusion and Integration (2021-2027). The current Action Plan proposes concrete actions, gives guidance and delineates funding for initiatives meant to bring inclusion for all.

Refugees as Successful Entrepreneurs in Serbia

17.06.2022. “For a good business, we need to be pioneers and venture bravely, removing every stone in our way. As they say – keep on truckin’!” I can be an entrepreneur. So can you. So can all of us. We recently met up with Bakhytzhan, a refugee from Kazakhstan, who goes by the nickname Baha […]


The analysis of media reports and public opinion leads to the conclusion that public interest in migration and refugees in the RS waned in 2021 compared to 2020. Debates on issues concerning the refugee and migrant population appear to have largely moved from the mainstream media and daily politicking domains to the Internet and social media.