Controversial judgment of the State Council of Greece

The State Council of Greece, the highest administrative court in Greece, rendered a judgment on 22 September 2017 on the case of two Syrian nationals whose applications for asylum were previously rejected. The court accepted the position of the lower authorities that Turkey was a safe third country and confirmed the accelerated procedure as a […]

Refugee Situation in Serbia in September 2017

The number of refugees and migrants in Serbia was the lowest in the previous year, however the decrease that lasted since March has ended. The UNHCR estimates that there were 4,146 of them at the end of the month with some 350 staying outside government accommodation centers. Those who were accommodated in government accommodation centers […]

Age Assessment of Young Migrants in Council of Europe Member States

The number of underage asylum seekers in Europe is on a constant rise since 2013, while the number of those who travel without parents via informal refugee routs is also increasing. From a legal perspective, unaccompanied children must satisfy the same criteria as adult asylum seekers in order to receive international protection. However, special protection […]

One year from the New York Declaration

A year has passed since the UN General Assembly adopted the New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants on 19 September 2017. Belgrade Centre for Human Rights, supported by Oxfam, took part in work of the civil society organizations and the Action Committee with the aim of providing the mechanisms of accountability and control to […]

EU Court of Justice: Hungary and Slovakia Must Admit Refugees from Greece and Italy

European Court of Justice has rejected a challenge brought by Hungary and Slovakia against the European Union’s power to force member states to admit asylum seekers from Italy and Greece, in accordance with the predefined quota envisaging these two countries to admit total of 2.196 refugees. In their case before the ECJ, Hungary and Slovakia […]

Lecture on Credibility Assessment in Asylum Procedures

The Belgrade Centre for Human Rights in cooperation with the Hungarian Helsinki Committee, with the support of the International Rescue Committee, organized an interactive lecture “Credibility Assessment in Asylum Procedures – Improving Objectivity in Multidisciplinary Framework” on Thursday, 7 September 2017 at Human Rights House in Belgrade. The lecture was attended by 33 representatives of […]

Refugee Situation in Serbia in August 2017

The number of refugees and migrants in Serbia continued to decrease throughout August 2017. UNHCR estimates that there were around 4,200 of them at the end of the month. 3,915 individuals, or 93% of the total number of refugees and migrants, resided in the five asylum centres (Krnjača, Banja Koviljača, Bogovađa, Sjenica, Tutin) and 13 […]

UNHCR: As Europe Refugee and Migrant Arrivals Fall, Reports of Abuses and Deaths Persist

A newly compiled report by UNHCR titled “Desperate Journeys” shows a decline in the number of refugees and migrants arriving in Europe in the first half of 2017. Moreover, comparing to 2016 when most migrants came to Europe through Greece, in 2017 almost seven times more came via the Central Mediterranean route to Italy. Number […]