BHCR Reports

Unaccompanied and Separated Children in Serbia

All children, regardless of any personal characteristics and legal status, have certain rights guaranteed by numerous international instruments. The fundamental principles for the protection of children are the respect of the child’s best interest in all activities that concern them and an absolute prohibition of discrimination on any and all basis. This document identifies the […]

Right to Asylum in the Republic of Serbia – Periodic Report for January-March 2017

In the January-March 2017 period, the Republic of Serbia continued extending humanitarian assistance to a large number of migrants, without ascertaining in each individual case whether they were in need of international protection or issuing individual decisions determining their status. The BCHR composed the quarterly report which comprised an analysis of the practices of the […]

A dangerous ‘game’: the pushback of migrants, including refugees, at Europe’s borders

People who are trying to access the EU in search of safety and dignity are being routinely abused by law enforcement officials in countries in the Western Balkans. State agents responsible for upholding fundamental rights are instead subjecting people to violence and intimidation and denying access to asylum procedures to those seeking international protection. Governments […]

Human Rights in Serbia in 2016

Belgrade Centre for Human Rights published its annual report on the state of human rights in Serbia in 2016. Among other topics, report contains an overview of migrant crisis and the rights of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants in Serbia over the past year.

Right to Asylum in the Republic of Serbia 2016

The Belgrade Centre for Human Rights has published the fifth annual report on the right to asylum, containing an overview and analysis of the protection of refugees in Serbia in 2016. Compared to 2015, the number of asylum seekers has diminished by 98% (from 577.995 to 12.821). The majority of those in need of international […]

Right to Asylum in the Republic of Serbia – Periodic Report for October-December 2016

Belgrade Centre for Human Rights provides free legal assistance and monitors the situation in the field of refugee law in the Republic of Serbia within the project Support for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Serbia. The Belgrade Centre puts effort in raising awareness of citizens and institutions on the position of asylum seekers and refugees, […]

Asylum Seekers in the Republic of Serbia 2015

As one of the countries along the West-Balkan route, Serbia faced an unprecedented influx of persons seeking international protection throughout 2015. Although Serbia did manage, through great efforts, to provide humanitarian aid to these individuals, long term solutions for the reception of refugees are lacking

Safe Passage

Testimony of people arriving in Dimitrovgrad, Serbia from Bulgaria Whilst authorities along what is now commonly known as the Western Balkans route have attempted to facilitate the movement of refugees and migrants, for those traveling through Bulgaria the situation appears to be much tougher, with frequent allegations of abuse and ill-treatment by the authorities and […]

Primena načela nekažnjavanja izbeglica u prekršajnom postupku

Kroz analizu prakse i kroz dijalog sa sudijama prepoznata je potreba za izradom ovog priručnika kako bi se u jednom dokumentu saželo sve ono što je važno za pravilno i zakonito vođenje prekršajnog postupka prema strancima u potrebi

Right to asylum in the Republic of Serbia – periodic report for July – September 2016

The Belgrade Centre for Human Rights (BCHR) continued implementing the project involving the provision of legal aid to refugees and asylum seekers with UNHCR’s support in the latter half of 2016. BCHR lawyers continued regularly visiting Asylum Centres and extending legal advice to refugees, asylum seekers and migrants with a view to familiarising them with […]