2.2.2022. A new brochure of the Belgrade Centre for Human rights: „Encounters- a short guide on interculturality, acceptance and togetherness“ provides information on important terms connected to the topic of interculturality and cultural identities. This guide also shares concrete examples and practical guidelines on intercultural communication, acceptance and diversity, solidarity, and allyship.

This youth-friendly guide motivates youth to explore their own identities, question their own prejudices, and develop intercultural competencies. The guide can be useful to youth as well as to those working with youth in formal and non-formal education activities.

The guide is one of the results of the CoolTour Tube program. It is a program for integration, intercultural learning and solidarity of youth, which encourages communication between youth with different cultural backgrounds.The program is part of the project „Support to refugees and asylum seekers in the Republic of Serbia“ which is implemented by Belgrade Center for Human Rights with the support of UNHCR in Serbia.