The team of the Belgrade Centre for Human Rights visited the reception and transit center for refugees in Dimitrovgrad in order to mark the upcoming holidays, and on that occasion, all refugee children were provided with gifts. This reception center is located on the border with Bulgaria, it accommodates 45 children, of which three are babies, 22 are children of elementary school age and 20 are children of high school age.

Belgrade Centre for Human Rights, with the support of the International Rescue Committee, has been present continuously in Dimitrovgrad since the beginning of 2016. By opening of the accommodation center in late 2016, the Belgrade Centre for Human Rights diverted the activities of its mobile teams to support refugees in transit to help people located in the centers, not only in Dimitrovgrad, but also in Pirot, Bosilegrad and Divljana near Bela Palanka.

All children who are accommodated in Dimitrovgrad are there together with their families and most of them come from the war-affected areas of Afghanistan and the Kurdish part of Iraq. The BCHR team shared the packages after the actors of the „Hajde obraduj dan“ theater performed a play.

In addition to humanitarian assistance, including assistance in emergency medical cases, the activities of the Belgrade Centre for Human Rights are primarily based on providing legal assistance and information on the asylum procedure in Serbia, providing information on the process of reunification with family members in the European Union, enrolling children to school, and registration of children born in Serbia in birth registers, assistance in translation with state authorities, etc. The team of the Belgrade Centre for Human Rights has professional translators for languages that refugees can understand.