The Belgrade Centre for Human Rights (BCHR) continued implementing the project involving the provision of legal aid to refugees and asylum seekers with UNHCR’s support in the latter half of 2016. BCHR lawyers continued regularly visiting Asylum Centres and extending legal advice to refugees, asylum seekers and migrants with a view to familiarising them with their rights and obligations. The BCHR has also been occasionally visiting Reception Centres and informal venues at which persons in need of international protection have been rallying. The project activities include advocacy of improvement of the asylum system in the Republic of Serbia, monitoring of the asylum procedures and analysis of the practices of the Asylum Office and Commission, as well as the monitoring of the work of other state authorities dealing with asylum seekers. The BCHR has also been investing efforts in raising public and institutional awareness of the issue and promoting adequate solutions to problems identified in practice.

This Report covers the July-September 2016 period and includes only data relevant to that period. Comprehensive information about the asylum system in Serbia is available in BCHR’s 2015 annual report Right to Asylum in the Republic of Serbia.

Report is available here