Belgrade Centre for Human Rights has compiled the third periodic report covering the period from July to September 2019. The report traditionally analyses access to the asylum procedure, practice of decision-making bodies in the asylum procedure through the analysis of individual decisions. The report also analyses the decision of UN Committee against torture made in case of Mr Cevdet Ayaz, where the Committee determined that the Republic of Serbia has breached the Articles 3 and 22 of the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Degrading or Humiliating Treatment or Punishment.

The authors endeavored, to point to examples of good practices, but also to certain gaps in regulations and in the work of competent authorities, through the perspective of human rights standards and through the personal stories of asylum seekers. The sole aim of such an approach is for the Republic of Serbia to develop a more functional asylum and integration system. In this regard, the BCHR team offered recommendations for improving existing solutions.

You can view the report here.