23.11.2021. The Belgrade Centre for Human Rights (BCHR) team has compiled the report on the right to asylum in the Republic of Serbia, covering the July-September 2021 period. The report analyses the treatment of the asylum seekers and refugees based on the information the BCHR team obtained during their legal representation in the asylum procedure and provision of support in their integration, and during its field work. In addition to reviewing the relevant decisions by the asylum authorities, the report also describes the BCHR’s activities geared at facilitating the integration of refugees and asylum seekers, and their access to their right to education. It also comprises data the BCHR collected through regular cooperation and communication with the state authorities and UNHCR. The statistical data cover the 1 July – 30 September 2021 period.

The report is primarily designated for the state authorities charged with ensuring the realisation of the rights of asylum seekers and foreigners granted international protection, as well as other professionals and organisations monitoring the situation in the field of asylum.

The report is available here..