How it feels to be a displaced person

It’s hard to comprehend that, even today, in modern times, people resort to wars to settle disagreements. Fighting for borders, religious purposes, natural resources. Whatever the causes, one thing is certain. Each war inevitably produces an army of refugees, millions of displaced persons. And, it takes much longer than the war itself for these people […]

Council of Europe adopted Action Plan for the protection of refugee and migrant children (2017-2019)

On 19 May 2017 in Nicosia, Cyprus, during the 127th Session of the Committee of Ministers, 47 European states, among which was Serbia, adopted an Action Plan on protecting refugee and migrant children for the period from 2017 to 2019. Action Plan is based on the clear principle that all children in the context of […]

Refugee Situation in Serbia in April 2017

According to the UNHCR estimation, at the end of April 2017, 7,364 migrants were present in Serbia, which is around three hundred less then at the end of March. Of that number, around 81% (total of 5,985) persons resided in one of 5 asylum centres or 13 reception centres around the country, whereas most migrants […]

Out of sight, exploited and alone

It is estimated that over 1,300 UASC are currently at risk of exploitation, violence and trafficking throughout the region due to ever restrictive policies of border controls and often inadequate response by the social protection systems throughout so-called Western Balkans migrant route. This is a brief summary of the report published by international organizations International […]

Exposed: abuses of migrants by state officials on Europe’s borders

Violence, brutality and unlawful treatment by authorities on the Western Balkan route are a frequent occurrence, claim refugees and other migrants in a new NGO report revealed today. People fleeing war, persecution and poverty describe beatings, robbery and inhuman treatment at the hands of police, border guards and other officials. In many cases, people tell […]

The Refugee Situation in Serbia in March 2017

According to UNHCR, there were 7720 migrants in Serbia at the end of March 2017, roughly 100 more than the previous month. 85% were accommodated in one of the 17 reception centres in Serbia, most commonly those in Obrenovac, Krnjaca, Adasevci, and Presevo. The rest remains in deserted barracks near the main bus station in […]

Short film „Dream“

Short film "Dream" Short film "Dream", created by the Belgrade Centre for Human Rights in cooperation by Oxfam, Start Network and DFID, presents life story of Shamsur from Afghanistan and his dream of a better life.

A Story of Young Farhad

A Story of Young Farhad Almost half of all refugees in Serbia are children. Many of them are talented as Farhad, a refugee from Afghanistan. Meet him in this short video created by International Rescue Committee in Krnjaca Asylum centre: